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Global statistics on Coronavirus daily recovery rates

Let's focus on bright side and track what matters most!


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* Chart is based on WHO Reports


This website brings a positive message on global situation on Coronavirus with focus on recovered people daily count.

It also tracks number of people which still are recovering on each date, because this number matters most!

When will the Coronavirus end? There is no exact data, but a prediction for next few days is made.

For more details see Information Sources section.


It's have been a month already while infected people count is NOT growing! COVID-19 is not yet over, but already under control.
And upcoming two weeks could be very important - either the world will start complete recover or new jumps of infection will occur.

Closing April - the month of peak of the COVID-19 pandemic with a good news - infected people count is decreasing!
There is already 101 report on WHO website, and You can see our full history of Coronavirus recovery here:

Yet another small jump, but overall situation remains stable - currently infected people count is not growing.

Global COVID-19 recovery continues slow yet steady!

Positive trend seems to stabilize - there are less and less infected people each day!


Conspiracy VS Protection

Did You notice that some sources keep hiding Coronavirus recovery statistics?
Why so, is it not interesting? Does it make more sense to scare people with negative statistics only?

For example, famous Johns Hopkins University dashboard first had hidden daily recovered statistics and now have put total recovered count to a non-visible tab.
What is more they are no longer showing how many really remains ill - only deaths and cases total...

Maybe the reason is to make people afraid and stay at home.
But as already mentioned in previous posts, fear makes more harm.

So conspiracy or protection?

Hey, in any case, our suggestion is always same - follow all local rules of quarantine!
But do not quarantine Your brain function!


Finally, the number of currently infected people started reducing!

In recent days we see that count of newly infected people is no longer growing, but rather fluctuates on a mark around 75 000 new cases daily (see recent WHO Report).
Combined with increasing number of recovered people, we now reached a moment, that might be a breakthrough!

As You can see on our chart, world enters a phase of slow yet positive trend of global recovery from the COVID-19!

Doctors claim, that if people will stick to good hygiene habits in the future, it would reduce number of such diseases as digestions infections two time!

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Did you know that fear has the most negative impact on your immune system!?

Stay positive, follow quarantine and hygiene rules and check out our chart - number of infected people is not longer growing exponentially!
Contrary, we see a stabilization phase, which is already a great improvement!

Positive trend continues - number of infected people is slowing down last days!

This week might be very important for global recovery from the Coronavirus!
There are first signs of stabilisation and even improvements in newly infected people counts in more countries besides China.

If you have a look at today's chart - number of currently infected recovering people is NOT growing exponentially anymore!
Yes, it is still growing but in a linear way, because new cases are now balanced by larger and larger number of newly recovering people.


Why tracking only currently infected people count is important?
Obviously, this matters most because recovered people cannot infect others anymore.
So, such approach reflect real situation!

If one would start counting how many people were ever infected with flu from the begging of time, we would have billions cases, and billions deaths.
So why so many source keep tacking overall cases of COVID-19 ar primary number?!

Stay positive and check Coronavirius Recovery info daily!


Truth about the Coronavirus

What is the real true situation about coronavirus?

Perhaps nobody has a clue. There are many opinions, many models, but nobody gave a clear picture so far.

NOTE: It is dangerous! Take Coronavirus seriously and follow all what Your government says!
Official info could be found on World Heal Organization website.

And here is out opinion on what Coronavirus (COVID-19) really is:

  • It is not a new virus as such, but the COVID-19 is new variation of already known virus
  • Nobody knows how deadly it is, because most of infected have slight or no symptoms and never get tested and pandemic cycle is not yet over
  • It is dangerous ONLY due to fast spread (one infects about three people, compared to one infects one for a flu). This is why it important to stay at home for now and follow hygiene rules!
  • Situation is very bad in countries like Italy, but overall general people mortality compared to last year DID NOT GROW (just lots of patience got to hospital at almost same time)
  • Coronavirus is NOT spreading exponentially, as none living organism could - there is a growth phase similar to exponential, but then it slows down and stops eventually
  • It SHOULD stop when it becomes warm enough outside, but no longer than in 12 weeks since it all began (usual behavior of all similar viruses)
  • Big mortality MIGHT be cause not only by the virus itself, but due to PANIC and FEAR which of course decreases immune system by huge stress

So, we believe it a pandemic of negative information and fear!

STOP PANIC - TRUST NUMBERS! And everything will be fine :)

And again, we have a slight decrease ion newly infected people count!
If it goes like this, in just few days, situation will start improving fast, since more and more people are recovering each day!

Finally, yesterday newly infected count was smaller than day before!
Hopefully this good sign becomes a rule and mass recovery begins!

Weather is starting to get warmer and air cleaner.
Sun rays can help to fight Coronavirus in a direct was and also indirectly by boosting your immune system!

Whole world on quarantine - just few weeks ago it was a plot for a movie.
Who could believe world has a "pause button"?!
This is time for for all stuff which You always lack time for, but especially to re-consider true values and learn from this situation!

There is an estimation of 13 weeks for the virus to end.
Not sure where and since that this estimation applies, but great to hear that it will end soon!

Some doctors believe, real number of people "carrying" Coronavirus is already millions and more.
But young people might have no symptoms. So we stay home to protect older people! In ant case, all actions taken worldwide will lead to positive outcome!

Again, numbers are high, but seems to stabilise and stop growing exponentially.
Hope is not a friend of statistics, so we want to believe in statistics we hope for!

Good news - yesterdays newly infected and deaths count was a little less then the day before!

One of main ways to protect yourself and others from the virus is hygiene and keeping distance.
Wash you hands, don't touch your face, avoid crowds, keep distance from potentially infected people and so on.
Good "side-effect" of these rules, is that it will protect You not only from Coronavirus, but also from a lot of other infections. Stay calm and stay healthy!

Finally, yesterday there were less infected than a day before!
Combined with increasing number of newly recovered each day, soon we should see decrease in overall infected people count.

There are a lot of reports claiming incredibly clean air in cities all over the world!
While we #stayathome nature takes a deep breath!

Overinformation. This is obviously the case with Coronavirus.
Sure it is serious and actions must be taken, but the scale of real risk is tenth time smaller than scale of disinformation!
This is overinformation.

While newly infected people growth continues (more in linear that exponential way last days), soon there will be a huge growth in recovering people as well!
Did you know that in US alone thee are about 1 0000 000 people infected with flu right now?
And Coronavirus is in general NOT deadlier than flu!!!

Did you know that Coronavirus is not even close to be as deadly as simple flu is?
Flue and other similar viruses cause more than half million deaths each year.
That happens each year and nobody panics.

Although there were still a lots of new infected yesterday, the rate seems to be slowing down, finally!

Numbers got worse. Seems that a lot of weekend cases were confirmed this Monday!
Soon we should have growing number of recovered people though.

Total number of people who are now infected is still growing. But rate is slowing down.
There is a hope that peak is in the past as more and more countries are taking action!

Information Sources

Calculations are based on data provided by World Health Organization.
Information on this site is an opinion of its authors, it is based on mentioned sources and own calculation however authors are not responsible for its accuracy.
For official information, please refer to: WHO.


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