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Dmitrijus Druteika

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Diamond Search

Simply brilliant out-of-the-box search engine for OXID eShop!

• LIVE DEMO | • eXchange Store | • Facebook | • Documentation | • FAQ | • Support | • GitHub

Diamond Search is a module for OXID eShop platform.
It is an implementation of search engine designed specially for OXID eShop.

The module provides all modern search features Your eShop needs including:

- Search by all relevant article fields, categories, manufacturers, vendors, variants selections and attributes
- Search field auto-complete function with personalized search hints feature
- Configurable search filters and special price range filter
- Unlimited Multi-shops and multilingual shops support
- No server configuration, no integrations, no setup or indexing effort - just install the module and activate it!
- Articles will index for first time and re-index on changes automatically
- Excellent performance even with large amount of articles
- Easily configurable search options in administration back-end
- Customize fields to search by, set ranking options, add Your custom fields
- Lots of useful search settings to match Your needs
- Monitor page to track indexing process, index contents and search statistics
- Advanced search form
- Promotion articles widget

Check out the LIVE DEMO

Check how Diamond Search works on OXID demo shop.

Diamond search is available on OXID eXchange extensions shop

Diamond Search CE is available for FREE download on OXID eXchange.
Also You can read or leave reviews there, access full description in English and German and view screenshots.

For more information please refer to Documentation and FAQ

Documentation describes how module is designed, defines a list of features Diamond Search provides and how the features work.
FAQ will help You to troubleshoot recent problems.
For more information, please feel free to use support form.

Diamond Search CE is on GitHub

You can checkout source, download the module or contribute to the CE (Community Edition) version on GitHub

Why Diamond Search?

Working with OXID eShop platform?
Probably most of those who worked with OXID know that default shop search is poor and slow.
To have a decent search, shop owners implement their own solutions and improvements or integrate big search engines and 3rd party modules.

But what is the price of custom solutions? Even if an integrating big search engine with ready 3rd party module usually is a matter of week(s).
And if decided to use external search service, shop owner have to pay per each search query made.
Real wasting of time and money!

This is why development of a new search module for OXID eShop was started.
Goals were to make it simple yet efficient and having all main features of modern search engine.
And the main thing – it should require no effort to install, configure and run.
And nor indexing, neither product changes should require any manual actions to keep search up to date.

Introducing Diamond Search for OXID eShop!