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Dmitrijus Druteika - web developer

I am a web developer mostly working with PHP and Python, currently employed with [.NFQ] Net Frequency company.
I graduated from Vilnius University as bachelor of physics, speciality - Computer Physics.
I enjoy journeys, photography, nature, sports. My interests are: science fiction, new technologies, space research.

To contact me please fill the Feedback Form

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Microblog or My Timeline

This is a timeline of some interesting or important event. This ir not a blog nor diary, but just some info that I want to share!
My blogs links could be found on profiles page.

  • 2014-12-17

    OXID SDK tools published on GitHub

    OXID SDK tools

    These are modules aimed to help OXID eShop developers to create and maintain modules easier and faster:

    - OXID Module Skeleton Generator
    - OXID Module Configuration Im-/Exporter

    Also available on IOLY!

  • 2014-11-27

    New Diamond Search v0.4.0 released

    Diamond Search

    - More features!
    - More stable and faster!
    - Better price!

    Get it from:
    EE, PE edition on OXID eXchange
    CE edition on GitHub

  • 2014-06-06

    Follow Diamond Search on Facebook

    Diamond Search

    New Diamond Search page on Facebook will host all the latest news and events.
    Follow it to keep informed on updates and latest fixes of the Diamond Search module.

  • 2014-05-27

    Introducing Diamond Search EE, PE edition

    Diamond Search

    New Diamond Search module v0.3.1 was released for OXID eShop EE and PE editions.
    It has many new features and boosted performance and focuses on larger shops.
    - Buy it here!
    - Official page
    - Live DEMO!
    - Documentation

  • 2014-03-16

    Diamond Search CE for OXID eShop released!

    Diamond Search

    I have created and released the stable (almost :) version of search engine fro OXID esHop platform called Diamond Search.
    This is an open source version available for anyone to use with OXID Community Edition.
    More info on:
    - Official page
    - GitHub
    - OXID eXchange extensions shop
    - Live demo page

  • 2013-10-10

    New entries in Technical stuff and new profile

    PHP Traits

    There is a new interesting topic on PHP and traits usage in older versions in Technical stuff section.
    Also, there is a short introduction of technical diagrams tool

    In My Profiles I have added a new Behance profile.
    Here You will find only the very best photography works of mine.

  • 2013-04-17

    I am father!

    I am father!

    On 20th of March my wife gave birth to our cute daughter Arina :)

    Visit my latest photography collection on deviantART.

  • 2013-03-07

    Got multiple updates :)


    From December 2012 I am a senior web developer at biggest PHP company in region - NFQ.

    Here is my (not so) new post on įDebesis: "" review.

    Got updates on Flickr: New photos, new categories and stuff.

    Also opened an account on deviantART: My deviations (nothing much yet :).

    I have became a member of Code-Hat web developers community.

    Check out updated Bookmarks and Profiles.

  • 2012-12-09

    Mobile`o`graphy 2012

    Mobile`o`graphy 2012

    Photos taken by and edited on my Samsung Galaxy S2 camera.

    Some pictures also available on the site Pictures page.

  • 2012-10-15

    List of most interesting online maps of Lithuania

    Maps of Lithuania

    This is my personal bookmarks collection on maps of Lithuania with short descriptions.

    The article was also posted in one of biggest news portals "15min":
    Įdomiausi Lietuvos žemėlapiai internete

  • 2012-08-10

    My review for on įDebesis

    Find out how store, share Your bookmarks and shorten link with funny pufferfish on
    Read more in įDebesis blog

    Also check out my updated Bookmarks page

  • 2012-07-13 beta

    I have launched the beta version of my new project called Pyroha. Please visit it on

    Pyroha is a simple and fun to use system, that gives You the possibility to create Your own professional looking website in no time!

    This is just a beta version. This means that Pyroha is beeing developed, new features are being added, bugs are being fixed all the time.


    So don't hesitate to Sing Up! It is easy and free of course!

  • 2012-05-30

    Check out Maxthon 3 browser HTML5 compatibility!

    Maxthon 3 seem to be most HTML5 compatible browser for today!

    Download the browser from

  • 2012-04-25

    New post in įDebesis blog and Bookmarks updates

    Some thought on integration were posted previously in Technical stuff.
    My new post "Visos „“ galimybės - asmeninėje aplikacijoje" gives more detailed explanations and examples.

    Also some new interesting Bookmarks were added.

  • 2012-04-16

    Contest winning Digital Binary Egg

    New Digital Binary Egg released.

    It is based on AMD Duron 1.4GHz processor,
    literally! :)

  • 2012-01-19

    Bridge2Cloud Blog

    Joined blogger team on

  • 2011-12-29

    My worldview on universe

    All crazy stuff I like to think about:

  • 2011-09-27

    My online music player

    Find it on GrooveShark

  • 2011-09-09

    Calling Card Design v0.1.beta

    Why not present myself on virtual calling card, I thought. And so I did! :)

  • 2011-09-01

    From now on I work at BlueBridge

    Glad to join Blue Bridge Code as PHP developer.

  • 2011-05-31

    Desided to register on Flickr

    Visit my Flickr account where You can find some of my latest photos.

Services and Products (outdated info follows :D)

What do I offer?

Professional web development services at cheap rates.
I offer hight performance and best quality products and custom solutions for Your business.

Typical Projects and Services

These are the services and typical projects that You can order to be developed and deployed.
Any solution might also include any custom features satisfying Your specific needs.

  • Custom Solutions for Business

    Looking for custom solution for Your business?
    Business to client and business to business solutions that include any kind of custom web-based application development on Django framework (Python) or Symfony framework (PHP).
    Projects consist of application architecture, estimate, development and deployment, maintenance.

  • OXID eShop based e-Commerce Solutions

    Sell anything online!
    E-commerce solution based on OXID eShop - one of the most powerfull frameworks of this kind.
    Solution varies from: default OXID eShop installation using default or free template and configuration of the system to meet Your needs; to: custom design template creation, additional plugins configuration, custom modules development.
    Development and maintenance included.

  • Custom Websites on Joomla CMS

    Renew and extend Your website!
    A website of any design on popular Joomla CMS platform using custom design.
    Using with huge selection of free plugins and modules, website could be extended to meet any requirements. Typical project includes custom template creation, standard Joomla functions integrations, sample data filling, deployment and maintenance.

  • Web Server Configuration, Applications Deployment, Data Migration

    Deploy a project on new server!
    Deployment comes together with all typical and custom projects.
    In addition I offer Unix web server configuration - installation of Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc. and all required configurations, setup of backups and additional services. You can also order data migration to transfer Your old data to new system.

  • Project Architecture and Estimate

    Let me find the optimal solution for Your business!
    I will help to formulate You true needs and offer several solutions solving You problems.
    Let's find the optimal solution satisfying Your needs and meeting planned expenses.
    This service comes for free before the start of any project!

Experience and Competence

Great education and work experience in on of the best IT companies of Baltic region allows me to offer best quality at very competitive prices.

  • More than 10 years experience with PHP and MySQL for custom websites and e-commerce projects
  • Great experience with Pyhon and Django framework for custom business solutions
  • Full service from project architecture and estimate to programming and deploying
  • Professional development optimized for high efficiency and performance using modern tools
  • Competitive pricing, flexibility, free support and consulting for all clients

Diamond Search

Simply brilliant out-of-the-box search engine for OXID eShop!

• LIVE DEMO | • eXchange Store | • Facebook | • Documentation | • FAQ | • Support | • GitHub

Diamond Search is a module for OXID eShop platform.
It is an implementation of search engine designed specially for OXID eShop.

The module provides all modern search features Your eShop needs including:

- Search by all relevant article fields, categories, manufacturers, vendors, variants selections and attributes
- Search field auto-complete function with personalized search hints feature
- Configurable search filters and special price range filter
- Unlimited Multi-shops and multilingual shops support
- No server configuration, no integrations, no setup or indexing effort - just install the module and activate it!
- Articles will index for first time and re-index on changes automatically
- Excellent performance even with large amount of articles
- Easily configurable search options in administration back-end
- Customize fields to search by, set ranking options, add Your custom fields
- Lots of useful search settings to match Your needs
- Monitor page to track indexing process, index contents and search statistics
- Advanced search form
- Promotion articles widget

Check out the LIVE DEMO

Check how Diamond Search works on OXID demo shop.

Diamond search is available on OXID eXchange extensions shop

Diamond Search CE is available for FREE download on OXID eXchange.
Also You can read or leave reviews there, access full description in English and German and view screenshots.

For more information please refer to Documentation and FAQ

Documentation describes how module is designed, defines a list of features Diamond Search provides and how the features work.
FAQ will help You to troubleshoot recent problems.
For more information, please feel free to use support form.

Diamond Search CE is on GitHub

You can checkout source, download the module or contribute to the CE (Community Edition) version on GitHub

Why Diamond Search?

Working with OXID eShop platform?
Probably most of those who worked with OXID know that default shop search is poor and slow.
To have a decent search, shop owners implement their own solutions and improvements or integrate big search engines and 3rd party modules.

But what is the price of custom solutions? Even if an integrating big search engine with ready 3rd party module usually is a matter of week(s).
And if decided to use external search service, shop owner have to pay per each search query made.
Real wasting of time and money!

This is why development of a new search module for OXID eShop was started.
Goals were to make it simple yet efficient and having all main features of modern search engine.
And the main thing – it should require no effort to install, configure and run.
And nor indexing, neither product changes should require any manual actions to keep search up to date.

Introducing Diamond Search for OXID eShop!

Technical Stuff

This is a brief log on interesting and useful things for programmers and other technical stuff.

  • Use traits in PHP version less than 5.4

    PHP introduces traits only from version 5.4.0.
    But what if Your project runs on server with older version of PHP? Do not use trait? It's not an option!

    This is how I solved this problem:

    Crate pseudo-trait class: Create a trait structure like a simple class.
    In its constructor take an object of class that will use the trait.
    In the trait class refer to that object where $this is not accessible in the trait.
    Use the pseudo-trait: In a class instead of use statement, initialize the trait class in constructor.
    Crate magic method __call that "redirects" all calls to the initialized trait object.
    That's it!

    Also consider adding __get to access properties of a trait.
    And You can use multiple traits if You check if method_exists (proterty_exists) in the magic methods.

    class MyTrait
        protected $_object;
        function __construct($object)
            $this->_object = $object;
        // It will be accessible in all classes that will use trait
        public function traitMethod()
            // This is how to access instance of a class that will use trait (if needed)
            $something = $this->_object->getSomethig();
            return 'This is MyTrait methods, that can also access ' . $something;
        // Other methods of trait go here...
    class MyClass
        protected $_my_trait;
        function __construct()
            $this->_my_trait = new MyTrait($this);
            // Optionally set something more here...
        function __call( $method, $args )
            return method_exists( $this->_my_trait, $method ) ? $this->_my_trait->$method( reset( $args ) ) : null;
        public function getSomethig()
            return 'MyClass stuff';
        // Other methods of a class go here...
    $object = new MyClass();
    print $object->traitMethod(); // Will output "This is MyTrait methods, that can also access MyClass stuff"';

  •, why I did not find You earlier? is online tool for drawing diagrams and charts of different kinds. It is simple to use and has many kinds of elements for many kinds of diagrams.
    Is it a MockUp or UML, You will find lots of elements for Your diagrams. can export it to common image standards or store a s XML.
    It also integrates with Google Drive and comes like an app for that.

  • Discover and integrate it with Your systems!

    If You are new to IFTTT, I recommend to see about (or `wtf` :) on and sign up for the service. It is free!
    Once You are familiar with IFFT, consider advanced usage and integration: Chain reaction : Create one task that sends an email, then create task triggered by that email, and so on. Consequently You can create chain of tasks triggered one by another and perform very complex interactions.

    Integration through existing emails : For example, You have a site, that send You email when user fills a form or when something goes wrong. Extend that by using Your email (Gmail) channel and for example create a task, that will send You SMS on important email. Consequently You enable Your site to send You SMS. Well SMS is sent by IFTTT, but who cares as long as it works! ;)

    IMAP trick with Gmail channel : If Your system uses IMAP library and it is able to check inbox for emails, imagine what happens next: You can create various tasks and chains that result in email being sent to the inbox. So You can now do what You want with the emails. For example create blog entries using data comming from any IFTTT channel. Consequently, You get integrated with all the channels through IMAP with the help of IFTTT!

  • WYSIWYG for real! Consider using Aloha Editor

    This is not new editor, but I had never used it before.
    It enables user to edit items inline without any change of styles.
    Try clicking on demo content in Sandbox to see how it works.

    I plan to integrate it to this website and rewrite HTML directly using AJAX and PHP DOM library.

  • FF Add-ons Suite

    There too many Firefox extentions for developers. I've tried using a lot of extentions and finally formed my own list of most useful stuff.
    These are Firefox add-ons that I use every day and recommend:
    Calomel SSL validation - checks SSL security level.
    ColorZilla - color-picker, color map, other color tools.
    Firebug - no need to introduce :)
    HackBar - request modification helper for security checks.
    MeasureIt - simple yet very useful measure tools.
    Web Developer - extensive tool that I use for stuff disabling mostly.


Some stuff I am working on just for myself or for fun! :)

  • beta

    I have launched the beta version of my new project called Pyroha. Please visit it on

    Pyroha is a simple and fun to use system, that gives You the possibility to create Your own professional looking website in no time!

    This is just a beta version. This means that Pyroha is beeing developed, new features are being added, bugs are being fixed all the time.


    So don't hesitate to Sing Up! It is easy and free of course!


My public profiles in various systems and social networks. You can find some extra info about me there.
Note: I am not active on social networks. Please use the Feedback Form to contact me.

  • Google account

    Actually the profile is not public. But You can contact me using the username: dmitrijus.druteika
    Or use Feedback form to contact me.

  • Skype profile

    The username is dmitrijus.druteika.

    But You can use Feedback form to contact me.

  • The username is Dmitrijus Druteika.

    Do not trust a hope to find me online! :)
    So can use Feedback form to contact me.


This is a list of my bookmarks - stuff that I find interesting and recommend to You!

  Name Link Description
More to come...
Tools Online tools for diagrams. Simple and functional with stuff and Google Drive integration.
  Acunote Online project management system optimized for Scrum.
  Pixlr Editor Online images editor. A kind of online Photoshop.
  Xmarks Manage Your bookmarks easily - sync between multiple devices and browsers.
  Dropbox Popular files storage and sharing cloud.
  IFTTT IFTTT - "If This Than That" - powerful cross-system data flow management engine.
  youConvertIt Convert images, audio, video and more! A lot of formats are available. Store, share Your bookmarks and shorten links with funny pufferfish on
  Supalogo Create cool text logos online for free!
  Screenleap Instant screen sharing without registration or additional software.
  Google Alerts Configure keywords that You want to track and receive from Google search engine.
Music online
  Grooveshark Extensive free music collection available as stations by music styles or within powerful search - all running on nice online player. My favourite trance radio station, offering best quality and stable broadcasting.
  OPUS 3 Good quality broadcasting and quality music selection from Lietuvos Nacionalinis Radijas.
  Mixcloud Live sessions and stations by styles in a cloud.
Ecology and Health
  Runkeeper Your personal coaching monitor. Also available as Android app. Could be used as extended bicycle computer.


2012 - Mobile`o`graphy

Photos taken by and edited on my Samsung Galaxy S2 camera.
More on Flickr

2012 - UK

These are some photos taken during my visit in UK (London, Brighton).
More shots are uploaded to UK set on Flickr

2011 Top10

These are probably most interesting photos taken by me in year 2011. Ordering is random.
Find more on Flickr

About this website

This is my personal website, as You probably noticed already :)
Its purpose is to present myself, my services, my projects, etc.

The website is created without using any script languages like PHP (exception is mailing script for feedback form). It works on jQuery JavaScript framework with plain HTML (including some HTML5 features) and is styled using some CSS3 tricks.

My plan is to develop this site to certain level when it could be used as template or micro-framework perhaps.
Then I will share the source. For now all copyright belong to me, Dmitrijus Druteika.

How does it work?

All the content is loaded from single HTML file. As there is not much info, this does not take long.
The content display is controlled by JavaScript. It opens pages by name provided via URL. JavaScript also sets styles on elements, enables pagination, URLs opening, some effects, etc.

Website uses the following libraries:

  • jQuery framework as base for all the scripting.
  • Lightbox plugin for for pictures preview.

What's next?

This website became a base for my new project called Pyroha

Pyroha is a system where anyone can Sing Up for free and create his/her own website in no time in a very easy and fun way!

Find more info on About Pyroha page.

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